Bamboo Fine Asian Cuisine

Today, I had the pleasure of having sushi with Bob at Bamboo Fine Asian Cuisine, in Westford Massachussetts. The restaurant serves a variety of Chinese and Japanese food, which would ordinarily be a recipe for disaster, but the sushi and service was very good even though the place was bustling with activity. I had a few pieces of tuna, salmon, and unagi, a spicy tuna hand roll, and half of a “Godzilla roll”. It was an inside-out maki roll with avocado, crab, tempura bits, and a bit slab o’ unagi on top of the whole thing. It was quite rich and delightful.

To get to Bamboo, take 495 to exit 32. I was coming from the north, so I took a left off the exit and then a right onto Route 110 (Littleton Rd). Go about a half mile, and you’ll see signs for the Residence Inn Westford (Marriott) on your left. The restaurant is in the plaza, on 1 LAN drive, which doesn’t show up on any maps. Once you find the plaza, you’ll see the sign for Lan Drive and the restaurant immediately next to it.

UPDATE 3/15/2005

On Tuesday, I returned with buddy Jeff to have a go at the Chinese side of the menu. We got there at 7:30PM, were seated quickly, and proceeded to have a fairly mediocre time. Service was somewhat spotty (we may have been slightly underdressed). The menu was Americanized Chinese: General Gau’s Chicken, Mooshi Pork, etc. We ordered a “Bamboo Specialty” item: Crispy Sesame Beef, which means it’s supposed to be good. Also Kung Pao Chicken, Szechuan Style Tofu, and Salty Pepper Pork. I also had a bowl of Hot and Sour soup. All the items had that slightly overcooked, sweet “shared seasoning” taste I have come to expect from successful neighborhood Chinese restaurants: Not terrible, but not terribly exciting. Even my fortune cookie was stale. On the other hand, I tend to like the brisker style of Chinese food presented fast and hot on-the-fly like they do it in the better restaurants in Chinatown. This meal’s score: B-, with atmosphere saving it from a C+. Maybe the lunch buffet is better, but I wasn’t impressed.