About to install a Wiki for the New Media group. I found this quick review of popular wiki installs , and chose PHPWiki. Boring installation notes follow:

  1. unpack the 1.2.37 tar.gz package
  2. upload to server
  3. read README
  4. read INSTALL, set configuration options in lib/config.php
    • set ScriptURL
    • set AdminURL
    • set WhichDatabase = “mysql”
    • create db, get credentials
    • execute mysql -uuser -ppassword -hhost wikiname < schemas/schema.mysql from CLI
    • change mysql settings in lib/config.php
  6. go to wiki URL…seems to work
  7. Admin URL does NOT work. It might be because I’m running PHP as CGI. Trying to run it as default Apache mod (no .htaccess redirects)…