Crixa on the Mac

Crixa on the Mac

Whoa! Here’s something I never expected to see anytime soon…Crixa running on my Macintosh!

Jeremy had actually ported the low level graphics and sound classes to SDL, which means we have cross-platformness. This is the first time I’ve actually seen it run on my Powerbook.

Our 1.0 goal is to just release what we had back in 1997…there are still some keyboard and sound issues, along with some (we think) memory-related instability that must be quashed.

Jeremy, you rock!

Later, I tried to get the source to compile on my own PowerBook, discovering the joys of incompatible link options. I just got it working tonight, having figured out that the bundled sound mixing library had been compiled assuming…well, actually who cares. This is a huge milestone for the project.