A Day on the Town

A Day on the Town

I needed to get out of the house to focus on some architectural changes to Showing Evidence, an AS2.0 project I’ve been working on. Sometimes working in a different environment is good for that. Destination: Burlington, MA!

I arrived at the Barnes and Noble in Burlington, bought myself a Cafe Mocha and a giant chocolate chip cookie, then settled down to scribble in my notebook. It was a nice combination of background noise and idle chatter. I had a highly productive four hours of thinking and outlining a clean approach for implementing the new features.

My horoscope said that I should look for my shadow, it being Groundhog Day and all. If I see my shadow, I could expect 6 more winter! As it turned out, I didn’t see my shadow, figuratively or literally. Perhaps this could mean, “the winter of your social life is at an end”

Afterwards, I was looking forward to checking out the Burlington Mall, which I had good memories of having both Indian food and an Apple Store. Sadly, the Indian food was pretty awful except for my manga lassi and the nan, the latter which was prepared by a tall Indian fellow that looks like Chong from “Cheech and Chong”. He would take a lump of doh, spread it out over a round inverted pan thing, then put it in the fire. It was all very mellow, man. There was NO Apple Store either, so I didn’t get to price out a G5 system.