30 Seconds Over MovieLand

30 Seconds Over MovieLand

Visit Angry Alien Ged forwarded me the link to Angry Alien, the home of several brilliant distillations of classic movies like Jaws in a mere 30 seconds, as re-enacted (naturally) by bunnies.

The creator, animator Jennifer Shiman, captures the essence of the movies without a lot of that tedious fast forwarding. It’s great to see that she’s attracting national interest as a result of her creativity…awesome!


  1. Brad 19 years ago

    Yes!! That was awesome! I haven’t seen this one yet, in fact there are lot more movies up since last I visited. Thanks for the link Dave, Ged.

  2. indieb0i 19 years ago

    I love Angry Alen. I think The Shining is my favorite, although Alien is right up there. You have to check out Amy’s Diary – one of the cutest things I’ve seen on the Net.

  3. Dave 19 years ago

    Hey, I just checked it out. I wonder why I didn’t click it before. It’s great! Makes me think that when we’re kids, we have pretty clear ideas of what’s good and bad. As adults, that clarity just goes away :-)