Reliving Adventure

Reliving Adventure

Visit Site Bill sent me a link regarding this recreation of “Adventure”, the classic Atari 2600 console game. It’s been recreated in Flash, and runs in your browser. VERY COOL.

I never had a 2600 myself, unfortunately, so it didn’t have quite the nostalgic shock value that I should have enjoyed. I’m an Apple II guy, and got into consoles pretty late in life.

Anyway, having never played Adventure before, I got down to figuring out that the dot was you, and that there was a magnet and key somehow involved. I must admit I quickly grew bored, as kids are wont to be these days.

On a tangential note, I was reminded me of what programmers back then went through to draw a dot on the screen (hint: there was no bitmapped graphics support). And check out these sad, sad hardware specs:

CPU: 6507 RAM: 128 Bytes, in VLSI ROM: 6K max Cpu Clock: 1.19 MHz Graphics Clock: 3.58 MHz Slot Config: Rom access only CPU Avail: less than 50%

The original programming guide is online. There are modern tools available, and a thriving community continues to push out titles. Awesome.

I’d kind of like to play Intellivision StarStrike again…will have to look into that.

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  1. Bunzinga 20 years ago

    Dude!  This is totally bringing me back.  I owned Adventure and I still remember the little easter egg it had (there was a black dot embedded in one of the walls…if you brought it some where, you got the programmer credits)