Off to the Airport

My sister and I dropped Dad off at the Manchester Airport this morning. We were sad to see him go…after 7 weeks of hanging out together again, I’ve relearned quite a bit about what it means to have family close by, and I already miss him. Thanks Dad! I look forward to your return visit soon!

Some domestic lessons I learned on this visit:

  • You can cook a tasty meal in 30 minutes or less
  • Having folded laundry is nice!
  • It only takes a few minutes to wash dishes if you do them right away
  • Even when you think he won’t need it, you should tell Dad you have a deep fat frier
  • There’s nothing that a piece of twine and Elmer’s glue can’t fix

Some lessons I learned from watching Dad clear the Security Gauntlet at the Airport:

  • Don’t pack multiple electrical appliances and metal pots in your carry-on luggage, unless you happen to like unpacking them in front of the State Trooper on duty!