I love it when this happens: four problems, one solution! 1. Too many shows piling up on the Tivo, not enough time to watch! 2. Duncan’s NordicTrak occupying space in my basement, unused and unreturned for three years! 3. Burgeoning waistline! 4. Joining an activity group that will require a lot of running around come springtime!

The solution: Watch Tivo in my basement while on the NordicTrak!

Friday night’s trial run worked quite well for the season premiere of Monk…a 45 minute session without having to really think about it. Will it work for Battlestar Galactica or (perhaps the ultimate test) a week’s worth of reruns? Stay tuned!

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  1. Bridget 19 years ago

    10 points for use of ‘burgeoning’! Can you make it so the tv and tivo are exclusively powered by the nordic track? Just kidding :} Good luck with that!