Hotblack on Business

Was talking to Sunil via the ole MSN. He started his own business, Insyst, back in the old country a couple of years ago. I picked his brain for some insights, and he generously he gave! Paraphrased slightly, they are:

  • Decide whether you want to position yourself as an art guy who can program, or a programmer who can do art

  • Decide whether you want to do one-off project work, build a product, or componentized project work

  • Find a strong business development team to partner up to

  • If you want staff eventually, start writing davecorp methodology

  • After developing your methodology, think about how to hire people that can be transformed into mini-Daves


p>I never thought of writing down an actual methodology first. Usually you see this advice expressed as “develop a business plan“. It seems more effective, and even slightly more sinister. Mua ha ha ha!