Guild Thoughts

I was looking for a Screen Designers Guild online, just to see if such a thing existed. Nope! The idea of having an alliance of like-minded screen artisans is appealing, and it seems less egotistical than having something like “David Seah and Associates”. On the other hand, shying away from self-promotion doesn’t do me any favors either.

On the other hand, at this stage it’s more important to find independent individuals who share a similar goal: to create meaningful artifacts (digital or otherwise) of lasting quality and purpose. I’ve come to realize I have more of an artisan philosophy toward creating things, though I seem to lack the actual impulse to create in isolation.

That said, I just realized that the most effective way to create that impulse is to inject myself back into a place where the demands are immediate rather than words in a blog.

Next Steps: 1. methodology statement 2. cast methdology net 3. work work work