Hey, People!Today I posted to the MMBug Discussion List, to see if I could find any other folks in southern new hampshire / northern mass region who wanted to get together and chat about interactive design:

SO FAR: Three, THREE People have responded. :-)

Here’s what I posted:

I’m an independent new media designer/developer in the Southern New Hampshire region, and I’m wondering if there are people in the area who would like to get together to share what it is about “interactive design” that’s so interesting to them, and why. I’m NOT looking for a “professional networking/business” group; instead, I’d like to interact with other people to riff about interaction, programming, and making stuff that feels relevant. In other words, you think interactive design and programming is pretty cool, you care about quality, and you wonder what it all means with respect to your life’s work. If this is an appropriate place, we can maybe throw out some thoughts here…otherwise, please feel free to contact me and we’ll get some dialog going. Mmmm…dialog! The issues I’m interested in these days are developing my next generation interactive toolkit, grousing about bad interfaces, making good interfaces, and figuring out how to grow an independent design business. But I’m also very interested in what others are exploring, facilitating discussion, and pooling some knowledge together creatively.