A Macintosh Moment

Visit SiteHere’s a few Macintosh-related tidbits. First, the much-rumored $499 Headless iMac, now known as the Mac Mini, was introduced at MacWorld. It’s tiny! I want one! Aimed squarely at those PC users who love their iPods with an extra $500 burning a hole in their pocket. Tell your parents and tell your friends!

Watch VideoCheryl passed along this cheerful video about the challenges of using a Macintosh. It seems “Mac OS 9-ian” in some of its complaints, but I do so enjoy a good rant. Windows Media Player required.

I’m actually thinking about making the switch myself. I figure I can get away with the Adobe Creative Suite and Macromedia Creative Suite…if I can get a good deal on then and have the extra cash, then I’ll jump. It’s a somewhat arbitrary decision, though…thousands and thousands of dollars that could go into, say, home improvement or a gym membership. Plus, there’s the allure of developing for the larger software market that is, sadly, Win32.