Dad’s Visit

Go ahead. Make my day.Dad came to stay with me for six weeks, starting on Thanksgiving Day! We’re having a good time, and I’ve already found some surprising things that I never knew Dad doesn’t like spicy food, because he is slightly allergic to it. Dad is allergic to crustaceans! Dad is into Frank Herbert’s “Dune” series and Orson Scott Card’s “Ender’s Game” series, because he found these books in my room and read them. We’re currently collecting them for him to take home. Dad likes the occasional dram of Scotch. He prefers hard liquor to wine and beer, too. Who knew what fun Dad could be! :-)

Mooncake?Dad also brought some fun chinese goodies over, such as this mooncake. Or is it some kind of other cake? I forget. It was still tasty.

We went to rent a cello from Johnson’s Strings in Newton on Saturday. As Emily said, it was a cool place. He’s been practicing cello only for about a year and a half…apparently, it’s something he’s wanted to do for quite some time, so now he’s doing it. It’s awesome.

We had dinner tonight at YouYou’s, here in Nashua. It wasn’t the best meal I’ve had there, and it was quite smoky and loud tonight. Dad found the miso soup to be a bit sour, the tea to be a bit heavy on the roasted rice, and the sushi to be prepared with inadequate length, pressure, and wasabi. The vinegar wasn’t too good either apparently, “In Japan”, he said, “each restaurant makes their own vinegar.”

This information was presented in quite a genial way, so it seemed educational rather than critical. In the past, would I have reacted in a less favorable way? Maybe I’m mellowing out too. I’m glad that we’re connecting.