A Picture Perfect Christmas

A Picture Perfect Christmas

MomDad Emily bought these neat little frames for the Christmas tree, which was horribly unadorned up until Christmas Eve. Mom’s in her mid 20s in this photo, back in the 1950s I think. The picture of Dad is more recent; he looks like a grizzled mountain explorer!

EmRobertAudrey Emily, Robert, and their cat Audrey. Whee!

DaveKatKate Me, trying to look like I belong in a picture frame, and the two cats Katai and Ekaterina. Em pointed out that Kate and Mom had the same expression!


  1. Emily 18 years ago

    Can you take another picture of the whole tree? :)

  2. So Hisam 18 years ago

    Glad to see your website.
    Would like to see more photograph or pictures of your drawing.

  3. Bridget 17 years ago

    I didn’t really think this way until you put the photos in a family-tree hierarchy layout, but Dad has 3 grand-kitties! Does Dad like kitties? Really, though – you and Emily created some gems here with these frames & photos – wow!

  4. So Hisam 17 years ago

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  5. So Hisam 17 years ago

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