Email is for Old Coots

Email is for Old Coots

I came across this article on the demise of email in Korea:

The ebbing of email is a phenomenon peculiar to Korea, an IT power. Leading the big change, unprecedented in the world, are our teens and those in their 20’s. The perception that “email is an old and formal communication means” is rapidly spreading among them. “I use email when I send messages to elders,” said a college student by the name of Park. For 22-year-old office worker Kim, “I use email only for receiving cellphone and credit card invoices.”

Email does suck… it’s difficult to organize, prone to spam, and lacks the kind of feedback you get from other forms of online communication. There’s got to be a better way.

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  1. seuss 16 years ago

    interesting. no doubt that’s what the inventors of email were saying about mail at the time of conception.