A couple days ago I started receiving SPAM via the email addresses registered with Macromedia. I use a separate service and email address for every commercial contact, so I can track how my personal information is being sold.

Since 1998, there has been only one company that appeared to release my information to spammers: the old Napster. Either an employee swiped the mailing list, staff posted the name somewhere online, or they liquidated the list to the highest bidder. Bah.

In November 2004, the second email address to escape is the one I used to register with Macromedia. I am pretty irked. I did send an email to their Privacy department, but have yet to receive any kind of acknowledgement. Fortunately I can shut down that email address. Not sure how it got out though.

An honorable mention for “most annoying” has to go to Aladdin Systems, makers of the otherwise fine Stuffit archiving utility. In recent years they have become a much more aggressive marketing-oriented company, and it’s actually turned me off from using their product. I have been noticing more marketing junk email from their “trusted affiliates” through DigitalRiver, their software delivery provider. I don’t seem to get these offers from other companies that use DR, so I’m assuming it’s Aladdin pushing the envelope yet again.

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  1. Bridget 16 years ago

    Hah-HA! Nabbed! I hope you hear back from Macromedia – if they understand your setup, they’ll have to realize they’ve got a leak!