We Like the Moooooon!

Duncan, always alert for the next big thing, forwarded me a link to Moon Song, an uninhibited proclaimation of love for the moon. “Because we like the moon! It’s not a spoon!”

It took a few minutes for this to grow on me because it’s not a slick piece of production, but there’s something very authentic about a piece like this that that works so little—yet so hard—to entertain. It reminds me of when I was a kid and would make up songs about my sister to annoy her. You know, classic stuff like “Emileeeee! It rhymes with PEEEEEEE!” Heh heh.

Moon Song is a good example of unencumbered creativity that really seeks to entertain on its own merits. The audience may be small, but the motivation and intent is 100% authentic. It’s real content, as far as I’m concerned.