The Quirky And Alone

The Quirky And Alone

I was browsing online buddy Tim’s blog for the first time, and found this great link to Quirkyalones are romantics who resist the tyranny of coupledom. […] we are independent-thinking people who would prefer to be open to finding that magical click […] rather than exist in a stifling or unsatisfying romantic relationship.

It’s both serious and silly, which I find automatically appealing. There’s a quiz too; I scored a mere 71, which put me in the “quirkytogether” camp. Which didn’t seem right, so I took the quiz again with a more by-the-spirit interpretation of the questions. This put me nicely in the high 110s…yes!

Tonally, the site reminds me of goths/punks who, as they start to hit their 30s, cover up the tattoos with long sleeves to engage mainline society. There’s even a book, which I promptly added to my Amazon wishlist.

Conceptually, I like the term “quirkyalone” much better than “haplessly single” :)

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