Nougat!From a specialty chocolate store near my sister’s house. She’ll doubtless fill me in on the full story of its origin. Fantastic nougat…didn’t know I was a nougat fan until I had this stuff.


That is from the fabulous Garrison Confections, and is called their Ultimate Nougat Bar. It’s the brainchild of Andrew Shotts, one of the top 10 artisanal chocolatiers in the US and they use a lot of interesting ingredients, as well as premium E. Guittard chocolate to make these little marvels.

I also agree with my sis that it’s not unlike a Snicker’s Bar in constitution: peanuts, nougat, caramel. However, in comparing the taste of the Ultimate Nougat Bar to Snicker’s, give me the UNB. It’s a better balance of sweetness, texture, and rich chcolate flavors–not that waxy stuff you get with most US bars. And if you find Snickers too sweet, you might like the UNB also…it seemed less sweet to me. I wonder if you can get them by the case?