Mmm, Curry

Mmm, Curry

Mmm, CurryI love curry, especially the mild Japanese-style curry. Curry is possibly my favorite food even over dark chocolate. Mmm. And I do enjoy my dark chocolate.

I decided that it would be a good idea to save some money by cooking at home, by preparing huge simmering pots of curry to be eaten over a few days. The cost per prep is about 10 bucks, making 12 servings. The savings would be staggering!

Curry, MmmOf course, the problem is that I love curry, and end up eating most of it before the day is out. I need to make something disgusting like cold cabbage soup with pickled pigs feet and leeks if this is really going to work.

On the plus side, I was able to make a banner for the davidocracy section finally. I’m limited somewhat by needing to have whitespace at the top of the image so it fades nicely into the category selector.

So here are a couple of pictures from the shoot. Yes, I see the smudge on the chopsticks, and it’s driving me nuts; I’m trying not to go back to touch it out ( om mani padme om, etc). I did three different sets with different bowls, shooting about a hundred pics total. Ended up with about 10 to work with. As a bonus, I got to eat each set after I was done shooting it! I’m feeling a little queasy right now.


  1. Brian Su 20 years ago

    Curry’s friggin awesome! It looks soo good there! Wish I could have some right now … but not eat it ad nauseum, that just sucks

  2. wtf is curry 18 years ago

    congrats, you’ve been linked to fark..if this link gets greenlighted, you’ll have more than huge simmering pots of curry to worry about.