Dot-Com Business Plan Archive

The Economy seems to be picking up here in the greater Boston area. Just about everyone I know seems to have more work than they can handle, which is great if you’re a freelancer. But beware the mistakes of the past that threaten to drag us down once again! Enter the Business Plan Archive:

The Internet boom and bust of 1996 to 2002 was the most important business phenomenon of the past several decades. In the wake of this historic period, we have an unprecedented opportunity to learn from our past mistakes and successes. To help us learn from history, we are creating the Business Plan Archive (BPA) to collect business plans and related documents from the dot com era. These plans – the “blueprints” that lay out the assumptions and strategies of Internet entrepreneurs – will enable entrepreneurs and researchers to conduct both qualitative and quantitative research.

Sounds pretty cool! Registration required, though. Via slashdot.