Abby & Knock

Abby & Knock

Abby and KnockLao and Harlan’s adorable Abyssinians stayed over a couple times in 2000 or 2001. Thus began my inching toward the idea of having my own cats; I got a brother and sister cat because it was pretty clear that they kept each other company very well. They are amazing cats, and their coloring matches the couch so well…


  1. Emily 15 years ago

    I love Abby and Knock! :) I think it was Abby that kept nuzzling my face, to the point where I couldn’t stop laughing and actually passed out from exhaustion. You were so lucky to have them visit you! And they are beautiful! It’s almost like having very loving, very silly jungle cats. :)

  2. Bridget 15 years ago

    How do you get these kitties to be so comfy in your house?? Hmmmm magical Dave aura? Your voice?  It’s a Dave force-field!!