Evaluatin’ Movable Type

Evaluatin’ Movable Type

NOTE: This post got ‘piratized’ by the text filter I used for Talk Like A Pirate Day and got saved back into the database. This seems kind of dumb. Is it a config issue? Anyway…

I’m evaluatin’ both Movable Type and WordPress, I’ll warrant ye. Movable Type has a nice interface, but th’ static page generation workflow bugs me a bit. Aarrr! I were bein’ also surprised t’ see a lack o’ built-in CSS class definitions t’ handle basic formattin’ chores o’ images, etc. My impression is that th’ power o’ Movable Type lies largely in its skeleton structure, integration with RSS feeds, and plugin support. There are also a few very nicely designed Movable Type weblogs, we’ll keel-haul ye! Aarrr!

Some advantages o’ Movable Type

  • It’s relatively nice lookin’ out o’ th’ box
  • It’s relatively easy t’ install, though ’tis still somewhat involved fer th’ novice on unix who’s ne’er installed a database-driven application.
  • It has an active developer and user community, unlike “more powerful” roll-yer-own systems.
  • A pretty powerful template-based content system, with lots o’ useful tags

Some thin’s that are iffy:

  • A somewhat primitive upload admiral
  • Nay asset management…ye need t’ define yer directory structure fer images, thumbnails, and so on in advance if ye want it t’ make sense later.
  • A confusin’ dynamic template system. Partly this is due t’ th’ system itself not bein’ well understood by meself
  • A requirement t’ know CSS t’ restyle yer site
  • Cost fer multiple users (not a big deal, th’ prices are quite reasonable)

So this brin’s me t’ WordPress, which is free, has active community support, and installs quite a bit more simply, pass the grog, avast! Let’s see how this goes.