Virtual Coworking with Dave

Virtual Coworking Live

Working Independently, Together!

As a freelancer, I miss the sound of other people working. Coworking is an appealing solution, but since there are no coworking spaces near me I’ve made a virtual version using a modern online chatroom (Discord) with YouTube livestreaming.

We started in August 2016, and we now have regulars from around the world sharing a desire to have a good work day. The virtual coworking format works well for people who don’t mind typing in a chat room, typically computer-bound solo workers. We strive to maintain an upbeat and supportive atmosphere, selectively sharing our experiences and interests with each other.

The Chat Room

This co-working chat is a bit different in that it’s “work first, socializing second”. Even with the emphasis on work, it’s a fun place to be while you’re working at home. It’s improved my attitude toward work as a solo entrepreneur quite a bit.

There are several levels of engagement available to you. Hang out in the #work_log channel for focused streams of reporting what’s getting done. If you want some noise around you, join either the Quiet Work or Noisy Work voice channels, or pop up at the Water Cooler and see if anyone needs to socialize a bit. A description of all the text and voice chat channels is in the #welcome channel upon logging-in to the chat room.

You are welcome to lurk by setting your status to “invisible”, but the experience is better if you interact with us even a little bit. It takes time to get to know people, but it’s as easy as just saying “hi” a few times. We’re not a clique-y bunch of people.

Livestreamed Work Sessions

I also stream various activities on YouTube, sharing the unedited experience of doing my work. I’m told it works great as background noise while doing your own stuff. Also, I think it’s sometimes helpful to see someone else struggle through a challenge and work through it, especially when you are facing difficulties of your own.

There are several types of streams that I do:

Whats Up Dave is my “starting the day” program on weekday mornings, addressed to my friends. I typically start the stream with “show and tell”, then get into planning the day. This is sometimes followed by a preliminary work session.

Virtual Coworking streams cover work sessions, with topics ranging from javacript development to graphic design to cooking to clutter-busting. There are playlists for each topic.

I also stream the occasional video game from my PC.

NOTE: The live stream is always called LIVE RECORDING IN PROGRESS; I rename them and put them into the appropriate playlist archive after recording. I usually announce when I’m livestreaming in the Discord #livestream channel.


Discord is a modern chat client with voice support, and is free. Join our chat room by clicking the link above. Create a Discord user account then visit to sign-in,


2. YouTube Coworking Videos

The Virtual Coworking Playlist archives past livestreams, which are good for background noise. Browse my channel for other topical videos (e.g. doing graphic design).


3. YouTube Coworking Livestream

Check the DS|COWORKING #livestream channel to see when I’m about to stream. You can also get notifications by subscribing to the channel on YouTube.