Virtual Coworking with Dave

About Dave's Virtual Coworking Experiment

Virtual Coworking Live

Working Independently, Together!

As a freelancer, I  miss the sound of other people working. Coworking is an appealing solution, but since there are no coworking spaces near me I’ve made a virtual version using these platforms:

The Discord chat room is for hanging out while working at whatever level of engagement you like, from lurking in the background to active socializing in the “water cooler” voice chat. For example, the #work_log channel is the most work-focused, with people describing what they’re doing. And there’s a Quiet Work voice chat where people just make typing sounds together, and Noisy Work for people who like to chat as they work.

The co-working chat is a bit different in that it’s “work first, socializing second”. Even with the emphasis on work, the room is still fun we need a bit of social connection. It’s great for introverts, I think!

I stream from YouTube, usually M-F at 730AM (Boston time) for my 15 Minutes in the Morning project push. I also sometimes do virtual coworking livestreams sharing my design and development work in real-time.

If I’m “live”, you can ask me questions via the chat room (keep in mind there is a 30-40 second delay). Or if you just want to have some virtual company as you work, just play the video in the background. Check out the YouTube archives to get a taste!

The virtual co-working experiment started in August 2016, and people from around the world have come to check it out. It’s not for everyone but we already have a handful of regulars that help keep focused. The best part is that we’re getting to share our experiences and interests, which helps keep work from getting too dull!

How to Participate

Here’s three ways you can try out the virtual co-working experiment!

1. Discord Chat

Discord is a chat/voice service that is popular with video gamers, but is great for hanging out too.

Visit the chat server by visiting, and read the #welcome channel for information about how we’re using it.

2. YouTube Live Video Streaming

When I am broadcasting on YouTube, visit You can interact with me via the Discord Chat in the special Livestream channels.

I will sometimes announce when I begin streaming on Twitter or Patreon.

3. Archived Coworking Streams

If you want some background noise as you work, check out the Virtual Coworking Playlist on YouTube. Browse around my channel for other videos covering design, cooking, travels, and whatever else seems to be capturing my attention at the moment :)