Email is the preferred way to make contact with me. Just say hi and tell me what’s on your mind!


I do not accept advertising, text link requests, guest posts, or sponsored content. I do not need or want social media, website development, business analysis services, or search engine optimization services.

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I am somewhat hard of hearing and have difficulty understanding speech on cell phones/voice mail for some reason. Please send me an email, and then we can arrange a time to talk over Skype or FaceTime.

Letters and Packages

I receive letters and packages at the following private mailbox address (please note that this is NOT an office location):

David Seah

379 Amherst Street PMB 120

Nashua, NH 03063

Please email me before sending physical mail to this mailbox, so I know to go check it. Thanks!


I don’t accept blind invites from people I have never talked to. If you’d like to connect, just send me an email to tell me about yourself and what you’d like to talk about!