A New Product A Day: February 2013

POSTED Fri Feb.01.2013

Welcome! This page collects all the products I’m designing as part of a one-month challenge to myself: making one new product a day for the Groundhog Day Resolutions period of February 2nd to March 3rd. If you’re curious why I’m doing this, the post A February Full of Promises goes into the backstory.

Some of the downloadable designs will be available for free download for only a short time, so I encourage you to grab them now. If you have a suggestion, feel free to leave a comment. Thanks, and enjoy browsing!

The Products

"Feb 01: 7 Day Weekly Planning Sheet A single-sheet weekly planner.

Feb 02: Groundhog Day Resolutions Primer A single-sheet primer for how to follow Groundhog Day Resolutions.

Horizontal Strip Calendar 2013 A print-and-cut horizontal strip calendar template.

Mini-ETP US Template A new version of the US half-size black-and-white Mini ETP. This is the first step in producing A4 and color variations for digital downloads and a printed version.

Mini-ETP A5 Template The A5-sized version of the black-and-white Mini ETP. The second step toward digital download and printed versions!

Mini-ETP Digital Downloads For sale on Gumroad: color and black-and-white, with 2013 year and without, 3 kinds of templates, and both A5 and US Half Letter in one $7 package.

Printed A5 Journal A print-ready design candidate, sent to my local full-service printer, Papergraphics, to start the costing process for potential production.

Weekend Calendar A calendar that highlights all the weekends and fades-out the weekdays. Maybe it’s useful to someone!

Operating Principle Cards Eight of my “operating principles” on an 8-UP business card template, to remind myself of important beliefs that make me who I am.

Almanac Update Added the half-size versions of the ETP to the 365-Day ETP Almanac download, available for $7.

Time Tracking for Lawyers Track time, in six-minute increment, on this legal-sized version of the Emergent Task Timer (not Planner…Timer!)

Creative Cooties Use this “Creative Self-Reliance Cootie Catcher” to get through a creative crisis!

Black and White 365 Day Almanac By request: a black-and-white optimized version of the 365-day Emergent Task Planner.

Spaceship Trading Card Something different: a spaceship trading card for the 12-yo space-crazy version of Dave, circa 1978.

Word Counting Calendar March 2013 A daily word-counting calendar, based on my NaNoWriMo 2012 calendar design.

Developing Creative Independence A symbolic product: the brand focus for me as someone who is “developing creative independence”.

Printable Planner Kit for ETP Cannibalizing the ETP: a source template printable planner kit for Illustrator and Inkscape.

Digital SLR Basic Manual Settings A 4×6″ reference card for understanding how to use your DSLR camera settings, without using “F-STOP” anywhere in the writing.

Revisions to Digital SLR Basic Primer I’m tired and busy, so this product of the day is the revisions I made to it based on Sid’s feedback. This is the first time feedback was incorporated into a POTD, so that counts as something new (at least for me :)

Swag! Mugs for davidseah.com Kickin’ it old-school swag-style with custom “explore-learn-build-share” mugs from Zazzle and Printfection.

Sponsored Downloads Beginning an experimental search for sponsorship partners to put small advertisements on the free download forms.

Sales version of the Concrete Goals Tracker A long-overdue update of the “Sales” version of the Concrete Goals Tracker (CGT)

Live Design Sessions Live Design Sessions!

Visual Hierarchy Basics A primer on the basics behind visual hierarchy. Possible book.

Dream Context Catcher A refresh of a never-released form, the Dream Context Catcher is a “Dream-defining Doodle Worksheet” that you use every week.

Free Groundhog Day Resolutions eBook A free-to-download draft of a possible Groundhog Day Resolutions blog-to-book. These 60+ pages are a reprinting of the first 10 GHD posts of 2007, the year I started.

Emergent Task Planner Notebook Half-sized ETP notebooks prototypes inch closer to production. Take the survey and let me know what you’re looking for.

Creative Motivational Posters An art exercise, turned into a poster product!

Interval Madness Graph Paper It came to me in a dream, graph paper with a magical pattern that somehow would bring about different ideas. In practice I think I missed the mark, but it’s an interesting idea.

Index Card Docks Production Run A physical product, a run of 12 index card blocks at the very beginning of their artisanal journey.

Thus concludes the 30 days of new products! Thanks for following!


  • carissa says:

    I LOVE the products you are going to sell, it actually serves me much better than the free things that I have to print and ready myself. So don’t think of it as anti service, it’s service to people who really want the nicer paper and the easier package!

  • Somehow I got behind on what you are doing!! Its great, and inspiration. I’ve been unusually unmotivated for weeks now, things I have to do (for $$) are things I really don’t feel like doing (chairing 8 dissertations, teaching another class in April for which I have to prepare NOW, etc, mainly things related to my “work” as professor. I guess that’s why they call it “work.” Still interested in my research. Catching up with your productivity may hopefully motivate me.

  • Dave Seah says:

    carissa: Thanks! :) Do you think it’s necessary to keep binding them in the pad format?

    Lynn: Yeah, the working for $$$ can be a drag sometime! We’ll catch up!

  • You don’t have to keep packaging them up as pads and selling them but I would purchase if you did, I like the heavier paper (it’s heavier than my usual printing paper). So while it’s not necessary, you would probably have some “happy to pay” customers.

  • suzanne carter says:

    Hello – I came looking for something I could use as a more fluid log of activity … as I’m not quite ready for ETP.

    Here is what I was looking for: “Pursuit of Inquiry” When one is in an expansive mind-set, wanting to capture everything/lose nothing – but also wanting to organize it on something other than the back of scrap paper.

    Left side or top: This is what I did. Small spaces to list Date and Experience (e.g., visiting museum to make sketches, playing a certain RPG)

    Right side or underneath: This is what I learned. BIG space to list learnings, maybe with bullets, maybe without

    If this is of interest, I can send a scan of what I sketched for myself … I went hunting for a template and found none that really fit -

  • Dave Seah says:

    Suz: Email it to me! :)

  • Your templates are without a doubt better than anything on the mass market. I’ve used Covey’s materials, Daytimers and a few others. I’d be interested to find out if some of the fine print could be tweaked for my industry, but even without tweaks, these are fantastic. There are any number of motivational / time organizing coaches that could put this to use. Hoping to see more and more!

  • Will says:

    Awesome stuff David, this process is inspirational!

  • Janda says:

    Just found your stuff over the weekend and after printing out the ETP and TPT have already had the most productive 3 work days! Thanks for putting your innovative ideas on paper and sharing them! I am now the office evangelist for your productivity tools.

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