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Me! The Artist!


This is a Freehand 7.0 illustration of me. I tried to self-project what I thought would reflect my growly side. The scowlin' action is allegedly pretty close, but my hair is not as cool in real life.

I used this illustration for my bio in the PC Graphic Arts Forum "Meet the Staff" section. Until recently, I was a conference host for the Artists Chat in that Forum. I'm now on hiatus from the forum while I'm on the job search, but will reactivate once I'm settled in again.


Here are some bonus illustrations:


This is the oldest piece in the entire portfolio, from around 1984. I used to draw a lot of spaceships and stuff when was in High School. I drew this right around the time I realized that I could control "the feel" of a drawing through choice of shape and line quality. I also broke away from using straight edges for the first time.



A frog! I needed a glowing radioactive frog as part of a 2D Animation Project while I was in the MFA program for Computer Graphics Design. After several hours of study, I internalized "frogness" and was able to use Illustrator 5.5 & Photoshop to make this frog.

I really like the frog's expression. I should put him on a t-shirt, where the patchy airbrush work won't show up as much. On the 8-bit dithered version, the patchiness just looks like texture.