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Dueltris Art


While I was working on my M.S.E.E., I spent a lot of time online AppleLink PE (now America Online) and IRC. I met Steve Chiang online sometime around 1991-1992. Steve was the co-author of a cool 3200-color paint program for the Apple IIGS, and was looking for someone to make some graphics for a two-player Tetris-like game.

This was a fun project in all respects, and I'm pleased to have made a contribution to the Apple IIGS community. We were both in college, so the hours were compatible. Not to mention that I actually made some money from this. I began to consider graphics as a real career possibility because of this experience.

The IIGS can show 16 colors per scanline, which is somewhat difficult to work with. The top portion is the actual DuelTris playscreen. The bottom strip is a bunch of elements I made to use for the shareware packaging. All created on the Apple IIGS with DeluxePaint II.