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Crixa Screen Shot


Crixa was (is) Qualia's 2D game shooter. I was the game designer and product lead. I made several rookie mistakes during the process, but thanks to the talent of our team we were able to produce a very cool shooter. The beauty of the screen shots are due largely to the efforts of visual designer Alen Yen and programmer Bretton Wade. The game also features great sound and level mechanics, thanks again to team members Ray Archie and Jeremy Biddle. Our CEO / producer was Mark Kern, who guided and kept us honest about the schedule while shielding us from crap.

I worked specifically on the earlier 3D models (such as the Crixa ship) and the Interface. This was one of the rookie mistakes I made: I assigned myself significant production tasks instead of spending the time being a game designer / lead. However, I am happy with my contribution to the implementation.

Update: We will be making the Crixa binary available for this space, or email for more info :-)