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Agent Intrigue Interface Prototype


Qualia needed to consider new game ideas, so we scheduled some time for conceptual design. We contracted out the 3D models, so I was responsible for coming up with an interface and "game concept" that would be shown on videotape. Total time allocated was about two weeks.

Since the goal wasn't a "final working game interface", I aimed for the impression of coolness rather than real function. This frame is actually part of a 60-second Director animation, showing the interface being manipulated during game play to "plan an assault". I did an editing pass on the animation and Director portions to create the final quicktime movie, using Premiere 4.2. I also had to reshoot and relight the model shots to get the right contrast range.

Final output was done at Cambridge Electronics, 640x480 uncompressed to an Media 100 to BetaSP.