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Crixa XO Ship


My earliest game design spec for Crixa: The Last 2D Shooter involved a multi-part ship. Normally, you'd be flying a highly-manueverable spaceship with a respectable amount of firepower. Later in the game I planned to introduce some truly huge threats in the form of battleships, which would otherwise just waste ya.

The ultimate upgrade was to be the XO (exo...get it?) ship, which fit over your normal ship and doubled your firepower and armor at the expense of speed. You would have been able to call it to you, and it would have been able to fight on its own. The concept was later transformed into the Korves Mobile base, but these features were dropped to concentrate more on the level design and a more conservative "staged buildup" for your ship.

This is an old (1995) rendering of the XO ship concept. All the Crixa spaceship designs were done by Alen as flat 2D plan views. I modeled the 3D form with 3D Studio R4.