Various “Are You a ” assessments I’ve become aware of over the years. The assessments themselves are at docs-ds-cowork/assessment lists and are unlabeled to be extra-mysterious.

I looked-up lists of self-assessment questions or observations, and rephrased them to be neutral YES/NO type questions. These lists are intended for my use in looking for patterns in my own behavior, and are not intended to be used as instruments for psychological diagnosis. Go see a professional, and don’t believe everything the Internet tells you!

02 Openness (Big5) wikipedia
04 ADHD/Inattentive Type r/ADHD
06 Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) website
07 Conscientiousness (Big5) wikipedia
08 Agreeableness (Big5) wikipedia
11 Imposter Syndrome site1 | site2
12 Adult “Giftedness” book
15 Neuroticism (Big5) wikipedia
27 “Scanner” site | book
33 Extraversion (Big5) wikipedia