Welcome to my design workshop.
This website is a kind of "open studio" where I obsessively document my approach to design. I also spend a lot of time thinking about creative independence, which is comprised of:


Identifying and overcoming the barriers that keep me from moving forward.


Getting past the fears, uncertainties, and doubts that block creative flow.


How to make a living, not sell out, and decide what is really essential.

I share so others on a similar path might save themselves some pain; my thoughts and observations can be found in the main blog and process journals sections. To see a sampling of my accompanying work, start with the Productivity Tools Page and see what catches your eye. Thanks for visiting!

Notable Stuff

Download: The Creative Cootie Catcher of Self Reliance
Download: The Creative Cootie Catcher of Self Reliance

The Creative Cootie Catcher

Become more creatively self-reliant, or just get unstuck. Read article.

Product: Mini-ETP Bound Notebooks
Product: Mini-ETP Bound Notebooks

The Mini-ETP Notebook

Now available on Amazon.com! This professionally-printed wire-bound version of the Emergent Task Planner is half the size. More information

Experiment: 30 Products in 30 Days
Experiment: 30 Products in 30 Days

The Product-A-Day Challenge

Making something new every day and posting it for 30 days in a row. See what I made.

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