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Hi! I am a bit obsessed with finding the best ways to productively pursue my nerdy passions, often in the context of finding personal meaning in work I am doing. Professionally, I apply video game technology to learning software and installations, and for my personal business I design paper-based productivity tools that you can print at home or buy at Amazon.

If you’re looking for the Emergent Task Planner and related tools, jump to the PRODUCTIVITY TOOLS link in the menu. You can also browse related writing by visiting the BLOG ARCHIVES page,

If you’re curious about me personally, you can check out the podcast I do with my friend Sid, which is nominally about being “independent creatives” trying to make a go of it here in the small city of Nashua, New Hampshire, which is located about 40 miles north of Boston. I’m Taiwanese-American, which means I am genetically predisposed to seek-out or make delicious food.

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10-year Goals for 2024

On the 10th anniversary of my blog, I added six big project goals to complete by 2024:

Make a Game

Illustrate Book


Compose Music

Thinking Tools


By making these goals public, I’m holding myself accountable. I figure that there’s nothing to be embarrassed about so long as I’m exploring, learning, building and sharing. That’s how anything gets done.