Welcome to my Experimental Workshop

Hi! I write about design and creativity in the context of my desire to live as an independent artist. I work as a freelance interactive designer/developer, currently applying video game methods for educational software projects. I also design productivity tools which I am growing into a self-sustaining stationery business.

On September 16, which was the 10th anniversary of my blog, I decided to change the focus of my writing to center around six big project goals that I’ve been blowing-off for decades:

To me, these are daunting and audacious goals, so my challenge is to maintain a playful, experimental attitude instead of being frustrated and impatient. There’s no embarrassment in not knowing what I’m doing, so long as I’m learning as I break stuff and share that positive attitude with those around me. Enjoy your visit to the website, and I hope you find something that clicks with you!

Please note that the new project pages are bare at the moment. I’ll be populating them over the next few weeks as I get my old content organized and linked-in.

Other Selected Projects & Posts