Welcome to My Design Laboratory

Hi! I’m Dave, a freelance interactive designer located in New England. Professionally, I apply video game technology to learning software and installations. I also design paper-based productivity tools that you can print at home or buy at Amazon.

I write a lot about my experiments to become more productive and creative, frequently tossing-in posts about the nerdy stuff I love.  I am also Taiwanese-American, which means I am genetically predisposed to seek out and photograph delicious foods. You can also learn more about me in the podcast I do with my friend Sid, in which we talk about being independent creatives trying to make a go of it in Nashua, New Hampshire.

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10-year Goals for 2024

On the 10th anniversary of my blog, I added six big project goals to complete by 2024:

Make a Game

Illustrate Book


Compose Music

Thinking Tools


To me, these are daunting and audacious goals. I am trying to learn how to be more playful toward my gorals instead of being frustrated and impatient all the time. I figure that there’s nothing to be embarrassed about so long as I’m exploring, learning, building and sharing. I hope you find something here that clicks with you.