About Dave Seah, Investigative Designer

Welcome to my Design Lab!

I’m Dave Seah, a freelance designer/developer based in Southern New Hampshire about 45 miles north of Boston.

On this website, I obsessively document my nerdy passions and experiments for people (like me) who are learning to develop their creative strengths and pursue meaningful work. I write at length about the challenge of making a viable living while targeting my own interests, covering subjects such as “battling procrastination” and “handling other people’s expectations”. I strive to show my process accurately as it happens, imperfections and all.

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About Dave

Professionally, I apply video game technology to learning software and installations. I am best known, however, for designing paper-based productivity tools that you can download to print at home or buy at Amazon.

For a more detailed picture of me, skim the categories of the massive blog archives, listen to the podcast, and check out the virtual coworking page! Interviewers, please contact me directly for access to the press kit.


Big Hairy Goals for 2024

I’ve been dragging my feet on several “big dream” projects for years, in some cases DECADES. So in 2014, I chose six big project goals to complete by 2024:

Make a Game

Illustrate Book


Compose Music

Thinking Tools


By keeping this list on my website, I remind myself that I am committed to making them happen. I hope the work I share on this website will help others on the same path feel they’re not alone.