2013-2014 Academic School Year Planning Calendar

The Academic Compact Calendar (ACC) is designed to provide a compact view of the academic school year, with plenty of space for making annotations. It’s based on the popular Compact Calendar, with modifications to start the year on an arbitrary date.

It’s great for estimating and planning projects. And if you have Microsoft Excel 2007 or better, you can easily recalculate the dates for your own particular year.

Academic Compact Calendar

The Academic Compact Calendar is a printable calendar worksheet designed in Microsoft Excel. The magical part of this is that you can easily change the starting date of the calendar, and the dates will automatically update along with a set of key holidays.

If you don’t want to bother with Excel, I’ve also made a downloadable PDF that starts from August 15, 2011, with key Federal holidays highlighted for the United States. As a bonus, I have also tweaked the typography in Illustrator and added the holiday names so it is extra-nice.

What You Can Do

Academic Compact Calendar PDF It’s easy to highlight your breaks and special holidays using the standard Excel shading tools; the calendar will keep the months and holidays highlighted through automatic formatting.

The Compact Calendar is great for printing out for “doodle planning” during for impromptu scheduling. Because time is presented as a continuous chunk, it’s easy to count weeks and estimate effort. It is a more intuitive way of presenting your calendar as a “candy bar” of available time.

You can also select rows within Excel and “Print Selection” to print just a portion of the year. Useful for short-term projects.

I sometimes also print these out and tape them to available surfaces, like the inside of a notebook, to have a handy calendar available. You can trim the calendar to size.

Instructions for the Excel Version

  1. Download using the link below, unzip the archive. In the Excel folder, you’ll see files named something like AcademicCompactCalendar.xlsx.

  2. Double-click the file (Windows) to edit the spreadsheet as you like.

  3. Print it out. Or, annotate the calendar with your own notes.

Related Tools

The Academic Compact Calendar is based on the Compact Calendar. If you’d like to learn how to customize the spreadsheet versions further, please see the Compact Calendar Page.

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