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C2-16-21 The Week of Pushing Through

POSTED Sat Mar.30.2013 by Dave Seah UNDER Design, HTML Integration TAGGED

After the seeming lack-of-progress of last week, I re-assessed my approach: was I trying to do too much by redesigning the entire website? Perhaps I could just make some updates to the current website. With that, I managed to finally get the front page to a place where it’s actually quite close to the original […]

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C2-07-09 From Abstract to Visual, Step 2

POSTED Thu Mar.14.2013 by Dave Seah UNDER Design, Marketing TAGGED

For the past three days I’ve been slugging-it-out with the tag cloud and the first pass layout, trying to bring them out of the abstract and into something tangible. This is the part I always find really difficult. I’ve been spending a couple hours a day on this, pushing past all my negative reactions to […]


C2-06 From Abstract to Visual, Step 1

POSTED Mon Mar.11.2013 by Dave Seah UNDER Design, Marketing TAGGED

After taking a break this weekend from all things website (well, I did tweak my image post format to do some cool custom stuff I’m hitting this marketing challenge with fresh eyes. Today’s morning 15 minutes was spent as follows: 30 seconds – rereading Day 5′s raw notes (see bottom of page for the raw […]


Treading on Sacred Ground: Logo Design

POSTED Mon Dec.05.2011 by Dave Seah UNDER Design

John McWade’s latest DesignTalk post on logo design, and it describes how one can emotionally approach the client’s desire to ‘create a new flag’: The logo is not “just a graphic” any more than a flag is a piece of colored cloth. That’s why it’s so hard to design. You’re working on sacred soil. I’m […]

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Quickie Logo Conversion

POSTED Thu Jan.14.2010 by Dave Seah UNDER Design

One of the Agenceum clients had a cool swirly glass sculpture that she likes a lot, so we tried turning it into a logo! She uploaded some photos of it, and I traced it with the last released version of Macromedia Freehand (circa 2004) instead of Adobe Illustrator CS4 (circa 2009).  Why? Because I saw […]

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Refocusing the Catalog toward People

POSTED Tue Nov.24.2009 by Dave Seah UNDER Design, Marketing

On Tuesday I started the second pass on the catalog page, this time thinking from the customer’s point of view. I ended up reorganizing the page again, moving the technical information into the diagram itself, and writing up a draft of the things that customers might be interested in. Before, I was thinking like a […]

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Sell Sheet Evolution

POSTED Mon Nov.23.2009 by Dave Seah UNDER Design, Marketing TAGGED

The sell sheet from last week was created in Illustrator CS4, so I took some time Monday afternoon to convert it into an InDesign CS4 document. InDesign is a page layout program that’s more suitable for creating multi-page documents, and generally it is faster at handling large amounts of text, applying common styling to multiple […]

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Web Template Sell Sheet Draft

POSTED Thu Nov.19.2009 by Dave Seah UNDER Design, Marketing TAGGED

I’ve gotten a basic draft for the sell sheet for the first template, which is based on my friend Angela’s website. The basic idea is to provide an all-in-one package at a fixed price to very small businesses of one or two people (musicians, for example). I have arbitrarily set it to $75 in this example, […]

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