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Debugging the Doldrums

POSTED Fri Nov.13.2009 by Dave Seah UNDER Project Management

After the excitement of Monday, Tuesday through Thursday became a blur of meetings, socializing, sysadmin chores, and a lot of marathon television watching. This is unacceptable and perhaps inevitable, as I haven’t been true in establishing a daily routine. I’ve written about this in the past on on the individual level. On the agency […]

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ReadMe: Sweeping the Leg, Finding Focus

POSTED Mon Nov.09.2009 by Dave Seah UNDER Read Me

Via my friend Joanne, a tale of two fast-food restaurants, and how the established restaurant struck the newcomer a dastardly but brilliant blow: A Story of Launch Disaster, Fast-Food Style. Via Stephen Smith, this link to 101+1 Small Business Marketing Questions for People Who Don’t Speak Marketing by Naomi Dunford. It’s a really good list […]

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Monday Staff Meeting

POSTED Mon Nov.09.2009 by Dave Seah UNDER Staff Meeting

It’s the beginning of a whole new week, and so I need to set some short term goals. There are multiple hats I have to wear, and so it kind of makes sense to run down the list of tasks as if I was holding a staff meeting. Last Week Launched Agenceum concept Set direction […]

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Our Web Site Needs Design

POSTED Sun Nov.08.2009 by Dave Seah UNDER Marketing

Marketing has secured our domain name and server space for Right now it’s just showing the default “you have a new server” page. We should put something there. Design guys, when you get a chance, but we need some time to define our marketing message so there’s no real hurry. We’re flying stealth right […]

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Git Setup Notes

POSTED Sun Nov.08.2009 by Dave Seah UNDER Process

The development team is doing a test deployment of the source control system Git. The advantages of Git are that we’ll be able to maintain versions of our source code (html, c#, css) in a central location that retains history. Git also has the advantage over our old system (Subversion) in that it’s decentralized; every […]

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Agenceum Update

POSTED Sat Nov.07.2009 by Dave Seah UNDER Agency Chatter

It’s been less than a week since we’ve launched Agenceum. We’re operating in stealth mode, quietly getting up to speed and organizing our resources. And yes, I’m using the “royal we”; it’s just me here. But I’ve decided to add a few more frills to this experiment: This is turning into a kind of learning […]


Business Plan 001

POSTED Fri Nov.06.2009 by Dave Seah UNDER Business Plans

Business plans are supposed to explain how our specific actions today will result in measurable profits tomorrow. They state a set of assumptions about how the world works, and establishes a time period during which those ¬†assumptions will be constant. This creates a window of time and circumstance, in which we shall attempt to convert […]


Startup Mode: Engaged!

POSTED Fri Nov.06.2009 by Dave Seah UNDER Agency Chatter

Since launching this project, I’ve had a couple unpleasant dreams involving failure and ridicule by people close and far from me. I take this as a sign that it’s making me uncomfortable enough that it’s definitely something I want to do. Anything new and scary is going to create a sense of doubt. Doing a […]

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Hello world!

POSTED Thu Nov.05.2009 by Dave Seah UNDER Agency Chatter

This is the current home of the “open design studio” that I’ve been yammering about over on I’m planning on creating all the collateral necessary to restart my own small design business from scratch, and make it available while blogging and documenting the process. I think it will be interesting and fun while giving […]

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