Magnatag: Continuous Visible Communication

While looking for a nice 4×6 card file, I re-discovered Magnatag, which makes custom magnetic whiteboard solutions. It’s not the sort of thing that you see in your everyday office, as their products are geared toward specialized applications: engineering projects, print run management, inventory, and so on.

They have some interesting stuff…here’s a small sampler:

ModularCheck out this modular infinite calendar system…sweet! Goes month-to-month!

SwingViewOr just have a WHOLE YEAR mounted in convenient swinging-door fashion, right on your wall, with their SwingView system!

CardviewYum…index card storage! Unfortunately, this CardView solution appears to use proprietary 3×4″ cards. But it’s a great idea!

Visible FilingThe FileView Wall Filing System. OMG THIS IS THE FILE FOLDER STORAGE SYSTEM I WANT!!! Vertical, mounted on the wall, compact, with everything in view. YUM.

GripasheetThe Grip-A-Sheet is a lot like the check rail I got, except this one uses a transparent gripping mechanism (patented, even). You can see everything on the page. On my check rail, the top 3/4″ is obscured. I even like the name :-) It comes in a variety of lengths, and seems pretty reasonably priced compared to regular check rails.

RotographThe RotoGraph is a SCROLLING infinite project planning GANTT-style chart for engineering project management! SUH-WEET!

Giant RoomWhen one magnetic whiteboard isn’t enough, build an entire room from them.

Apparently Magnatag has been a family-owned business for 40 years…I’d like to find out more about the founder. You can’t buy their products in stores, so you have to order online or by phone. I already have my catalog on the way :-) As a bonus, the company is located in upstate NY, an area of the country I am rather fond of.

I haven’t actually seen or used any of their products, so this is just a heads up to anyone out there who is on the prowl for cool office gear :-)

UPDATE NOVEMBER 27, 2006: Magnatag’s PR company arranged for an email interview with the founder, excerpted in this post. It’s at the end of the post.


  1. JoshD 9 years ago

    That is officially the most cracktastic thing ever.

    I’m locking up my credit card.


  2. peninah 9 years ago

    Crud, there went my budget.. I didn’t lock up my wallet fast enough. (though this has given me some good ideas) :)

  3. Robert 9 years ago

    Thank goodness the Magnatag website is giving me Access Denied – my bank must have blacklisted my IP address already :-)

  4. Marcel 9 years ago

    Strange :-/ Whenever I try to go to the Magnatag website I get a “Access denied” error message! Are visitors from outside the US excluded?

  5. Dave Seah 9 years ago

    That’s weird…I’m not getting that error here. Maybe that is the case. I don’t see why they’d want to block people.

  6. Dave Seah 8 years ago

    The website apparently blocks non-North American visitors…I’ve linked the images above to local copies. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  7. maria 8 years ago

    Since MAGNATG doesn’t wanto to sel outside USA and Canada, and my company needs their type of material, could you send us a name of another company that makes simliar products? and one that wants to make some money outside USA and CANADA?
    thank you,


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