Creating Passionate Users

Brad forwarded me this link to Creating Passionate Users, a neat blog from the people who created the Head First series of computer books; I’d picked up one of them before. The blog itself covers a lot of issues relating to design and user experience: topics I am very interested in these days.

Visit Site Specifically, Brad forwarded this post on The Difference Between Japan and US, which showed an ugly U.S. manhole cover versus a cool Japanese example:

Beauty and attention to design detail… everywhere I turned during my two week stay (Tokyo and Kyoto), I saw it. Every–and I mean every Japanese restaurant (including the fast-food sushi joints) had an architectural bent. A sense of style. An aesthetic sensibility you just don’t see throughout the US!

Check it out.


A message from Dave:

I really believe we all benefit when we share our own perspectives on common experiences. It would be great if you added your own anecdotes and comments, even if you don't necessarily agree with the premise of the post; that's just good conversation in my book. The house rules are "treat each other with kindness and respect" and "enjoy the flow of ideas!"

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