Atkins 1, Twinkies 0

I felt a pang of anxiety when I read that Interstate Bakeries Corporation has entered Chapter 11 (via BoingBoing). They manufacture Twinkies!

I haven’t had one in years, finding them far too sweet, but they’re one of America’s Great Pop Cultural References. The deep fried twinkie is a testament to this food’s continuing ability to frighten and intrigue carb addicts everwhere. And without them, our slang would not be quite as sweet.

Perhaps they will be transmuted to organic form or become haute cuisine, but I’d hate to see the original Twinkie go away. So do your duty and buy a box (just don’t eat them all at once, geez). Pick up a loaf of Wonder Bread while you’re at it!


  1. Bob Feldman 11 years ago

    Another era end in the culinary evolution of the earth. Discover of fire, first use of salt, accidental consumption of the first oyster, Chinese discovery of the chili pepper (yes Dave they are always the first to know) genetic mutation creating the French pallete (one giant leap for mankind), serendiptous combination of cream with mushrooms, cultivation of garlic (originally for the flowers, and to keep wolves away), and now the potential passing of the twinkie.  Milestones that must be marked, just as certainly as the we bow are heads once a year and commemorate the paleozoic era and all it meant to us.

  2. Dave 11 years ago

    Hey Bob! You have given me a TREMENDOUS idea for turkey stuffing this year. Commemoratively appropriate, if not so gastronomically :-)

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